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Reno Loan Singapore

Buying a home is an important financial decision, which is not available for everyone. There are cases that you’ll have a difficult time purchasing your own home, especially in Singapore where prices of properties are on the rise. The good news is there is an option for those who want to live in their dream home – and that is by taking up a reno loan.

What Makes a Renovation Loan Attractive?

A reno loan Singapore has become an attractive option for those who want to create a home that perfectly meets their requirements. Lenders of this type of financing option offer finances that will let you renovate and remodel a certain property that already has damages to its exterior and interior because of previous ownership, burglars, vandals, or any other reasons.

You can get this new home for yourself and apply for a renovation loan to start the process of remodeling it. You can use the loan to do the necessary repairs to the plumbing system, fixtures, paint, walls, roof, and other features of the home.

Is it Easy to Apply for a Renovation Loan?

Provided you deal with a reliable lender, you can get this type of loan without any hassle. You can find lenders and banking establishments that are willing to help you and relieve you from all the burden usually involved in the loan application process. In fact, you can find websites that allow you to input the right information so you can start comparing different loan prices and rates.

Applying for a renovation loan, provided you meet all the needed requirements, is also easy. You can get your cash fast and use such amount to start the repairs and renovation of your newly acquired home. It is also possible for you to do it based on your most convenient time. You can use the loan amount for electrical and wiring works, tiling, flooring, wall painting, carpentry works, and basic bathroom fittings.

Factors to Consider

When planning to take a reno loan, it is important to take some factors into consideration so you won’t end up dealing with a lot of financing troubles in the future. One is the interest rate. Make sure to gather clear and accurate information regarding the interest rates of banks and other lenders. You also need to study how interest payment works when choosing a bank or lender to apply for a loan from.

Consider other fees involved in the loan application, too, including processing, late payment, and disbursement fees. In addition, you have to take into full consideration the home loan provider you are dealing with. Compare different providers and find out which one can finance your renovation project without causing you to suffer when it comes to finances in the end.

Other factors is the repayment term and installment amount.  While it may appear appealing to stretch the payment to longer term so the monthly installment amount is comfortable, ones have to know that it means much higher interest cost. On the other hand, if you choose to repay in a shorter term,  it means a large portion of your take-home pay will be used to settle the installment, which result in tighter cash flow.

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The flexibility of loan is another factor to consider. Is there an option to change the repayment term, or terminate the loan early without incurring hefty penalty charge? Your financial condition may change which allow you to make larger prepayment, so you can save interest. Or you need to postpone installment payment for unexpected cause, such as hospital expense, or retrenchment.  If

What should be the loan amount? By borrowing too much will have an impact on the interest expenses; but if you borrow too little,  you may have difficulty to complete the home improvements.

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