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Reception Renovation Singapore 

Effective Reception Renovation Singapore that Improves the look of your office reception:

Planning to renovate the reception area of your office? It requires a lot of careful thought and thorough planning for the whole Reception Renovation Singapore project to kick off.

The reception area is the heart of the company. The area that offers your clients a welcoming environment that creates a lasting impression of the company; the company branding identity and business success started from this very first impression.

Whether you are just wanted to refurbish reception lobby or the complete makeover, Let DiatomReno Reception Renovation Singapore team to be here to execute for you. With the reception renovation ideas mentioned here, we can definitely design your reception area looking as elegant and stylish in it best way as possible, making it possible for you to attract each of every guest who visited you.

Innovative Improvement of Reception Counter

Long gone are those days whereby guests expected clean and functional rooms. Nowadays, to attract guests and retain them to your brand. The design should also be in such a way that it captures an important element of your business, setting the bare bones of your preferred design. Once everything is set in place, then start to adding quirky touches to the plan of Reception Renovation Singapore. The functionality of reception is another important aspect to ease the jobs of the receptionists. Our expertise will be looking for innovative improvement of the reception area to bring out a more relaxing environment

Integrate Elements of Nature – Green Eco Environmental Friendly

Green Interior

Environmental friendly concept integrated into office interiors is an in-thing for office modern contemporary interior design. Added with an element of nature and outdoor can give your customers a “wow” experience at first glance of the reception area.  Aside from being attractive to your guests, the green eco product is also protected employee health by eliminating the harmful substances and odours from the office. This works in boosting the creativity of your employees. Our reception project team will ensure Green Eco elements are added to the reception renovation are enough to help your team connect with the outdoors. It could be plants or natural materials, such as unpainted wood. We design your reception area that combines both nature and function in the most exquisite ways

Implement the Open Office Conceptoffice glass partition singapore

Open concept is a big help in encouraging interaction; do away the barrier, ease the tension and build the good customer relationship. It helps in opening up the lines of communication within the company and the first impression for customers. In this modern concept, office partition walls tend to be missing. You can let go of confined, limited, and small working spaces and implement the open office space to make the area appear larger and airier. It also boosts productivity and makes space work for you. We have the process in place to ensure quality assurance of client requirements are met and delivered above client expectation.


There are other highly effective tips that will let you renovate your office’s reception area without having to go over your budget. Just let us be your preferred choice of reception renovation in Singapore.  It is our honour to being hired as a professional renovation team to handle your entire project. With team help of DiatomReno commercial renovation expertise and experience, you can implement your preferred design without exceeding the budget that you have initially set.