Bedroom Renovation in Singapore - For HDB, Condo or Hotel & Dormitory

Bedroom Renovation Singapore

Your bedroom is your private and sacred sanctuary, be it the Master bedroom or kids bedroom, a place where you can relax and be yourself in comfort. It also serves as the vessel of important memories. With that in mind, you have to invest in making it as stylish and functional as possible.

Even if you have a small bedroom, the best ideas for bedroom renovation Singapore will surely help you maximize your space and ensure that it becomes as functional and stylish as you want.

Benefits of Renovate Your Bedroom by Experts

Incorporate New Bedroom Hardware

For instance, you can replace your old drawer pulls and handles with decorative varieties. This is a low-cost and low-effort tip, which is actually effective in adding style and personality to inexpensive and nondescript furniture items.

Use Warm, Fluorescent Lighting – To Protect Your Eye

Pair the mentioned lighting with some elements of tan wood. With that, you can transform your bedroom into a simple space, which is still effective in exuding a cozy and warm feel without having too many distractions. If you have a limited room space, then you can put it to efficient use by combining a horizontal study table and putting it on the side of your bed.

It should then connect up to the ceiling. With that, it will serve as a shelving for your memorability or books. It works perfectly for a teen who needs the best environment for nurturing his/her studies.

Monochrome Style Bedroom – Save Space

You can also integrate the modern monochrome style into your home. For instance, you can add the basic black and white color and smartly integrate the monochrome style by using a rotating wall, so you can share your flat screen TV with your lounge area and bedroom. You can also add a glass walk-in wardrobe to improve the appeal and design of the room. Aside from making your bedroom more attractive, it also creates a spacious environment. This style is suitable for the Master room or kids bedroom.

Integrate Clean Lines 

Another way to renovate your bedroom is to integrate clean lines into it. Note that even simple lines added into walls can produce elegant patterns of symmetry, instead of turning it into a plain and dull room. If you have a small bedroom, then adding long lines can make space look wider and lengthier. You can also add a large mirror, which works in providing an illusion of additional depth no matter how limited your space is.

kids bedroom renovation singapore

Simple yet elegance kids bedroom design by expert

DiatomReno –  Your Bedroom Reno Expert

To ensure that your desired bedroom renovation idea is incorporated, make sure that you hire the right professional team to do the job. Also, make it a point to clearly relay what you want your renovated bedroom to look like. This is the key to ensuring that you will be satisfied with the result of the whole bedroom renovation project.

Our renovate services include the following bedroom type:

  • Master bedroom
  • hotel or dormitory bedroom
  • kids bedroom

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