Flood Infusion Treatment - Seals the Root of the Leaking

Flood Infusion Treatment Singapore

Flood infusion treatment is often the best option for water leakage in Singapore. We are the contractor that offers flood infusion treatment in Singapore.

The flood infusion method makes use of waterproofing chemicals in waterproofing your home. Also called the chemical infusion waterproofing, this specially formulated solution is made from a combination of organic and inorganic Polymers. It results in an in-depth sealing through film formation and crystallization. The organic polymer used is often resistant to household and construction chemicals that provide long-term protection for the surface. The chemical also contains mild biocide that inhibits organic growth without causing harm to the environment.

What Is Flood Infusion Treatment

Flood Infusion Waterproofing is becoming a trend in Singapore these days, which explains why there are now plenty of contractors that provide Singapore flood infusion treatment. As mentioned earlier, this state of the art technique makes use of an advanced chemical solution for waterproofing homes. This is a highly efficient solution that makes use of a crystallizing and film-forming sealer in addressing seepage and dampness. The chemical can migrate itself to the concrete for more than 100mmm just like a liquid would. The infusion waterproofing technique is very effective at sealing all kinds of water leaks, including the tiniest cracks in your walls.

Seals from the Root of the Leak

One of the key benefits of flood infusion treatment in Singapore is that it can infiltrate into the substrate, which leads to an in-depth sealing. Upon application, it gets into the substrate and as the water leakage begins to slow down and eventually stop, another component will dry up in order to form a second waterproof barrier that will provide more strength to the substrate. Our staffs are capable to provide consultation on all kinds of leakage and infusion methods.

A third component of the chemical can also help to increase the concrete’s pH level to greater than 10, which minimize the re-bar corrosion. Depending on how much chemicals are applied, the curing process, although it helps to provide rapid protection, can continue for as long as there are moisture and some active components.

Why Hire Us?

Aside from the benefits already mentioned, hiring us for your flood infusion treatment comes with several other benefits. The treatment also cuts the cost required for waterproofing a home. Moreover, it also helps to save time.

We, as flood infusion treatment Singapore specialists can carry out repair against water pressure. What this means is that there’s no longer a need to hack tiles in order to waterproof your home. There won’t be any hassles as well and the technique costs less than the cost of other waterproofing techniques.

So if you are in need of waterproofing specialist that can waterproof your home, you better get in touch us now. We would be happy to explain this method further and will offer the best option depending on your waterproofing needs. We have extensive knowledge of different waterproofing techniques, although the flood infusion treatment is often always the best.