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Wall Leakage Repair Singapore

Have you ever noticed some water leaking through the ceiling from the level above? What about those water stains right on the wall? Water leak in basement wall? If detected, then you’re unknowingly experiencing water leakage issue in your home. It could be due to the toilet or bathroom water leakage from the upper flat / floor of your home. But there may be other reasons behind the water leaks on your wall. Whatever the reasons are, our Water Leakage Solution Singapore Expertise will be able to detect the source of the leaks for you from our leak detection services. We will be able to accurately detect the problem and provide best advice and solution to fix it with no further delay.

However, wall leakage is a pretty common problem in most of the houses and buildings. Especially, the older building. Leaking wall tend to get moulded, have yellowish stain and flaky paint that affected the appearance of the building. Not only that, it caused inconveniences and frustration to yourself but to the adjacent housing beside you and above you. Thankfully, we, DiatomReno, the dedicated wall leakage repair Singapore specialists are here to a help to solve this problem for you. Early detection and get it to treat and repair will also prevent the damage to building structural caused by water seepage problem in walls.

Speciallists of DiatomReno Water Leakage Specialist dedicated Team are passionate, we find, we detect and we solve all the wall leaks internally and externally

Causes of Wall Leakage

Singapore as a tropical rainforest climate, hot, high humidity and an abundance of rain. When the rainwater vapour molecules pass through the building and penetrate the wall cavity and become trapped. Rain water seepage in Singapore that caused Wall Leakage is therefore unavoidable.

Unfortunately, more and more homeowners are therefore facing issues of water leaking through their walls due to the climate. Other reasons are toilet leaks on the top floor and failure of an existing waterproofing system. We, as a wall leakage Singapore repair contractors would be happy to render our services in order to solve different kinds of leakage problems in flats and various home properties here in Singapore.

Remember that if you will not address the leaks in your wall, it could lead to the following problems:

  • Degradation of the concrete structure due to the corrosion of the reinforcement bars.
  • Damages to the interior finishing of the property.
  • Unsightly stains and build-up of lime.

When To Call Singapore Wall Leakage Repair Specialists?

Remember that water can leak from even the tiniest and almost invisible cracks that you don’t even know it exists in the walls of your home.

Water leakage problems tend to happen during heavy rains, most especially if the balcony in your home has cracks. Rainwater would seep through these tiniest cracks and will eventually penetrate your home.

The heavy and persistent rain that created water pressure in the soil could also cause basement wall or basement floor leaks.

In Singapore where heavy rain is a normal occurrence, these issues cannot be avoided. When you noticed a large area of stain and mould at any of your walls, it is as an indication of the accumulation of wastewater overtime penetrates and trapped in the building. It can be an utmost serious moisture damage threat to the building. So the moment you notice these leaks in your home, you should immediately call us to provide the thorough assessment and effective Wall Leakage Repairs before these leaks can escalate to an even bigger problem.

For all kinds of leakage problems in your home or building, get in touch with us, your professional water leakage repair Singapore specialists are here to be of service to you. We are more than happy to provide you with the cost-effective solution.

Commercial Wall Leakage Repair

Homeowners are not the only ones who are experiencing wall leakage problems in their home. Commercial buildings in Singapore are also faced with wall leakage in view of tropical rainforest climate, hot, high humidity and an abundance of rain.

Another factor will be the extremely tall buildings with thin walls these days, unlike in the olden days where most buildings are only made of cement, bricks, and stones. Also, due to space limitation and interior appearance of the commercial building, water pipes and air-con pipes are all concealed. Should any leaking pipes caused the water leak, do get into contact with any exposed electrical wires, it may cause the short circuit or worst scenario spark a fire in the building.

The Yellowish Water Stain or Paint flaking on wall resulted from water seepage problem would tannish corporate image. The dripping water could also damage the drywall, false ceiling, carpet and wood structure. It is a great disaster in fact.

So if you are a building owner or if you manage a commercial building and you notice some leakage in your walls, do not take thing lightly. Call us now to fix your wall leakage issue when it is just a small leak before it turns into a much bigger problem! It costs you nothing and no obligation free on-site inspection and consultation with our Commercial Wall Leakage Repair cum waterproofing specialists for the quote.