Contemporary House Renovation Singapore

Contemporary House Renovation Singapore

Planning to have your house in Singapore renovated the contemporary style? Then rest assured that there are plenty of ideas that are more than suitable for the kind of contemporary house renovation in Singapore that you are planning to attain. If you are still unsure how to renovate your home, then the following ideas might interest you:

Benefits that We Are Providing

For the Living Room

The living room should be among the most attractive spaces in your home since it is where you usually entertain your guests. In addition, this is where you and your family often spend time together. To renovate your living room the contemporary way, we are considering doing the following:

  • Integrate a false ceiling – It is an effective way to make your living room look more entertaining. Such is a great idea, especially if your present ceiling has an old and deserted look.
  • Make the most out of the space – If you are worried that your living room is too small, causing you to be unable to integrate any visual effects, then rest assured that there is always a way to handle that. One example is to design the walls behind your television set in such a way that it can turn into a gallery, which flaunts excellent patterns and textures. Such will promote a more pronounced effect while the remaining parts of the wall will have a contrasting shade.
  • Add the right decorations – Avoid stuffing the living room with heavy and boxy furniture. If possible, go for a more minimalistic approach to replacing the items with stylish and sleek ones.
Contemporary House Renovation Singapore

Contemporary Living room with hotel style furniture

For the Bedroom

The good thing about your bedroom is that you can give it a more personalized look. It’s possible by doing the renovation with the following ideas in mind:

  • Theme-based look – For instance, if you love nature, then you can choose to renovate your bedroom by adding wooden floorings, a wood-paneled wall behind your bed, or expansive windows with a wood finish. Such can make the room look more nature-friendly.
  • Inbuilt wardrobes – If you have huge wardrobes that consume too much space, then it’s time to replace them with inbuilt ones. You can do so by creating the cavity on walls then be integrating separate doors for each one. With that, your bedroom will have more space.

Why You need to Choose Us Now

Aside from the ideas mentioned above, there are plenty of contemporary house renovation Singapore designs that you can integrate into your property. All it takes is to look for the perfect contractor to do the job so your desired renovation will come into fruition.

At DiatomReno, we take pride in our work. With more than 10 years of experience in house renovation (HDB, condo, office, factory, shop), we do the reno job right on time.