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Solar Panel Installation Singapore

solar panel installationWe are a team of installers, project planners with brilliant technical knowledge and experience in solar electricity technology and project management. We are all very passionate about solar power and the environment. We provide professional services which include solar panel installations for residential households, businesses, and government institutions. We also offer after-installation services and maintenance packages.

We envision to focus on providing first-class solar electric power systems for house owners, businesses and institutions. Through our services and support, we see opportunities to influence the energy sector in the country.

We help clients to Save Money on Electricity Bill

Throughout the years, we have reliably conveyed our clients’ desires by taking care of their requests and giving quality administrations and support. Our solar panel installers take pride in adding to the country’s economy by giving solid and financially savvy sunlight based power frameworks.

The sun transmits vitality as electromagnetic radiation. At the point when this radiation is consumed by the sun-powered cells, a compound response happens, causing fast electron development. On account of the manner in which the phones are produced with layers of material with varying nuclear structures, the electrons are compelled to move one way, making direct present, or DC. It at that point streams into an inverter which changes over the DC into exchanging current, or AC, to be usable in your home or business.

What’s more, best of all, daylight is copious and endless, dissimilar to non-renewable energy sources which are certainly constrained, also are liable to rate changes.

We Provide Professional Solar Panel Installation Service

For most clients, private or business, the rooftop is the best area for sunlight based board establishment. It for the most part as of now has the auxiliary details that the sun based boards require. All that is required is mounting equipment and fitting flashings. In the event that the rooftop isn’t material or wanted, different other mounting choices are accessible, including shade overhangs or ground-mount choices (i.e., standard ground-mount, ground post, or trackers).

The inverter is normally introduced close to the principle board either inside or outside. Since it is made with strong state hardware and performs better in cooler conditions, the inverter ought to be situated out of evening sun. For the most part, the best area is close to the fundamental electric board. In the event that you choose you to need a battery back-up framework or need a remain solitary vitality arrangement, we can help to arrange too.

Help to Fight Climate Change

Our professionalism and years of service in this highbrow industry, we have offered our services to private, commercial and government agencies over the years

Our secret recipe for offering the best prices in the market while maintaining quality is due to our partnership with leading solar panel manufacturers across the world. We understand the business very well so we ensure that our low prices do not in any way affect the quality of our products and services.

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