Home Renovation Singapore – HDB & Condo Package

Home renovation is the process by which we used to give a new look to our old home with the help of home renovation contractor.Diatom Reno is a reliable contractor company with affordable home renovation packages for HDB or Condo that work within your budget.Check our forum and blog.

What must you know for your home renovation?

It is very important the design concept that you want or the theme for your home e.g. country style, modern, Zen, Japanese, contemporary design etc.

  1. You must understand what you really want to renovate, Do you really need a bigger space for your master bed rooms and walls to be hacked? What are the style, design and renovation ideas? Do you need to have custom furnishing (i.e. built in wardrobe or kitchen cupboard? What is your final budget in mind? This budget does not include your lighting, water heater, tap, kitchen hob, bathroom fittings and some small decorative items that could easily be about 15% to 20% of your renovation package.
  2. Work on a check list so that you can balance and work on your budget. Never spend more than what you can afford as many people will just swap their credit cards without considering the repayment cost.
  3. Get at least 3 quotations from different Contractors and study the services and charges. Does your contractor provide you low interest installment plan?
  4. Check out for banks than provide low interest loan just in case you need it
  5. Never be afraid to question even on any slightest details and never be influence by your contractor where they will recommend you high end or premium materials.
  6. Ensure all light fixtures and toilet accessories are installed by your contractor upon delivery (saving a few hundred dollars in the process)

Important home renovation features

Some of the important renovation features that you should consider. Over time you may need to change your tap or light bulb or fixed a leaking toilet after years of staying in your house please have provision for maintenance, servicing or repair.

Renovation Tips No.1

Ensure that when wires and pipes are concealed make sure that you do not need to hack or removed any fittings during maintenance or servicing.

Renovation Tips No.2

Always invest on a more durable taps preferable Italy brand that will have a longer life span. Buy LED lighting that will save your electrical bills

Renovation Tips No.3

Toilet water proofing and water ponding test is very important make sure contractor carry out if possible you witness it.

Renovation Tips No.4

Isolation point on every tap. Just in case if the sink tap leaks you still can use your bathroom to shower

Renovation Tips No 5.

Ensure you have all the contact numbers of different contractors when you make the final payment so that any issues you can still contact them.