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Carpet Installation Singapore 

Over the years, floor covering has evolved and the use of carpet as a form of floor covering has stood the test of time, especially because of its less labor intensive maintenance and the feeling of warmth that it gives. Carpet is the only form of floor covering that absorbs sound. It could either be made of natural fiber such as wool or even man-made such as nylon coming in different colors. Carpet installation is therefore the installation of a floor covering made of thick woven fabric.

There is a wide range of carpets available within Singapore but two are most prevalent, which are bedroom carpet and carpet tiles. Bedroom carpet is mostly suitable for high traffic place, it is produced on a very wide loom having standard sizes of either 12’ or 13’. Bedroom carpet has the ability to cover a wide floor space without showing any unsightly seams while carpet tiles come in square, making it easy for individual tiles to be removed without retiling the entire space. It encourages creativity because different patterns of carpet tiles can be mixed together. .

Stages Of Office Carpet Installation

  • Visit of technicians to inspect space and give proper recommendation: Before the commencement of carpet installation, it is important to call professional technicians who would come to the space where carpet would be installed and give important advice.
  • Space measurement and quotation: After checking the space, the measurement of the space is taken and this helps in giving cost.
  • Laying of carpet: laying of the carpet is the final stage which may require some important measurement especially if the shape of space is irregular.


Commercial Carpet Installation Consideration

Material: There is wide variety of carpet materials available within Singapore. the biggest factor to be considered in the choice of carpet material is the ability to easily clean such material so that the carpet can be used over a long period of time without having permanent stains.

Price: Price determines a lot when it comes to purchase or installation of carpet, there is a wide range of carpets within Singapore and they all have different price tag. Price is mostly determined by the quality of carpet material, density, thickness and weight of carpet. The longer and thicker the loops the more upscale the carpet is.

Interior color: This factor ensures that the color of the carpet and that of the room or space where carpet would be laid are in sync. The best carpet would seem out of place if the colors do not match.


Advantages Of Carpet and Why You Need It?

  • Maintenance: Carpets are a lot easier to clean and maintain, it is less labor intensive to clean relative to hard surface flooring
  • Health: Carpets have the ability to trap allergens, dust and other contaminants until they can be properly removed later.
  • Acoustics: Several research finds that carpets absorb sound, carpets with padding usually have more sound absorbing abilities.
  • Feel: Try curling up in front of fireplace on a hard surface and compare with a carpet, you would find that curling on a carpet feels good, soft and easier of the feet, hiding the irregularities of sub floor.
  • Insulation: Carpet can help save energy as it is an important contributor to the insulation of the indoor environment. Carpet provides a psychological feeling of warmth.


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