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Reliable Renovation Contractor in Singapore providing One-Stop Solutions for Full renovation, Small renovation and Water proofing services.

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There are many renovation contractors in Singapore. How to choose a trustable and reliable renovation contractor in Singapore? Many of us have experienced different problems for a full renovation or small renovation like wall leakage repair.  Each of the area of renovation needs a different kind of specialist to perform the task. Some of the contractors are trying to take on the jobs that they are lacking knowledge or experience in the specific area of renovation or repair jobs that resulted in unsatisfactory customers. Renovation cost is an important consideration for every renovation work. However, it shall not be compromised for substandard materials and workmanship. Plan your renovation work well in advance and itemise accordingly to the priority and budget available. For a house renovation, there are of items to consider. It is advisable to discuss your ID ideas with the experienced contractor to decide the final layout and materials to be used accordingly to your budget. We have an experienced team who specialise in different areas of work. You will find a good match within our team of renovation contractor.

Our Speciality on Home and Industries Solutions

Due to the wear and tear and the initial renovation work, many of us have faced the ceiling seepage problem. You may just get a complaint from your neighbor that you have to fix the problem of the water leakage or you yourselves experienced the water dripping from the ceiling and created a big mess in your place. How to solve this problem?

We have a special team to do Waterproofing and Ceiling seepage treatment for both Home and Industries. The best solution is to do a waterproofing treatment when you renovate your place.

What is New?

Diatomic Paint is a new Innovation Products in Singapore. It is made of natural diatom minerals which contain air purifying, moisture absorbing and other properties to provide a healthier environment as part of your interior structure and design. It is a preferred choice of painting material for everyone who cares about your living and working environment. Find out more from us now.

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Who is Reno Care?

Reno Care is a Singapore Company that committed to provide quality service to our customer. We strive to achieve the high standard of customer service by providing quality materials and workmanship. Our Renovation Contractors are HDB Registered Renovation Contractor as well  BCA Approved Window Contractors.

Why Us?

Our team provides quality services to the clients budget and time schedule.Reno Care understands the issues facing our potential customers. We have a team of contractors who are specialized in a different kind of renovation work to ensure you received the best services.

A project manager will be appointed for full renovation and commercial renovation to coordinate with the different contractors to meet the time schedule and expectation. Many happy customers praise us and refer their friends to us. We greatly appreciate the acknowledgment and continue to provide renovation work for the property owners. We are your best choice for Renovation Contractor Singapore.

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100 % Customer Satisfaction Rate

As an accredited Renovation Contractor Singapore, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of renovation contractors has an absolute insistence on the excellence of work and punctuality, combined with the willingness to settle for nothing less. Our full range of services from small renovation on kitchen and bathroom to create a new structure on landed property and commercial building. We have a different team of specialist to handle your specific needs. Contact us today and let us provide you with a professional and affordable renovation and repair work.

Our full range of services from small renovation on kitchen and bathroom, creating a new structure on landed property and commercial building. We have many different teams of specialists to handle your specific needs:

  • Specialised retail interior design on boutique, hardware store and coffee shop
  • Specialised reception interior design,
  • Specialised restaurants interior design.
  • Specialised corporate offices, pantry and warehouse
  • Specialised waterproofing
  • Specialised roof waterproofing
  • Specialised toilet waterproofing
  • Specialised wall leakage repair
  • Specialised flood infusion waterproofing treatments
  • Specialised wall seepage treatments
  • Specialised ceiling seepage treatments
  • Specialised water seepage treatments Specialised cement screed floor
  • Specialised cement screed wall
  • And many more…



I am impressed by the customer support service and the quality of the workmanship from renoCares. They managed to handover my house on time.

Ken Lim

Home Owner


Renovation Cost

How much do I need to budget for a full renovation?

The renovation cost is depending on the materials and design on your renovation. A Simple full renovation will cost about $!0k. We can e customise the renovation according to your budget and design.

Interior Design

Is interior design chargeable?

A simple design is not chargeable unless you need a professional ID design. That will subject to separate charge. Our interior design team will transform your home or office base on your requirements.

Renovation Time

How long will the renovation take?

It is depending on the size of the project and the design. Our contractor will let you know the estimated timing during the site visit.