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Renovation Quotation Singapore

Our expert and consultant will assist you to have a reasonable quotation based on your floor plan and design. We will try to work within your budget. Send in your request now.

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I am impressed by the customer support service and the quality of the workmanship from renoCares. They managed to handover my house on time.


Ken Lim

Home Owner


Renovation Cost

How much do I need to budget for a full renovation?

The renovation cost is depending on the materials and design on your renovation. A Simple full renovation will cost about $!0k. We can e customise the renovation according to your budget and design.

Interior Design

Is interior design chargeable?

A simple design is not chargeable unless you need a professional ID design. That will subject to separate charge.

Renovation Time

How long will the renovation take?

It is depending on the size of the project and the design. Our contractor will let you know the estimated timing during the site visit.