Roof Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning Services Singapore

A prepared channel intended to drain water is regarded as a gutter and this gets dirty from time to time, therefore it requires regular cleaning hence, gutter cleaning is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. A properly channeled and clean gutter has a major role to play in the environment as it ensures proper collection and drainage of rainwater.

Type of Roof Gutter

There are different types of gutter systems used within Singapore and this sometimes affects the way it would be cleaned

Eaves gutters: these can be found at the bottom extremity of a sloping roof. They generally are attached by plumbers in Singapore to the fascia boards by brackets and have a wide variety of styles and shapes in either plastic or metal.

Valley gutters: This is a connection between 2 sloping roofs. It can be likened to one between a gable and a hipped-end roof, called a valley. A metal flashing is placed along a valley, forming a watertight gutter which drains the water into eaves or into parapet gutters;

Parapet gutters: A parapet gutter is a type of gutters located in Singapore which drains a flat roof between parapet walls. Its working principle is by one of the parapet walls containing a channel or gap and the roof sloping a little towards it, enabling the water to drop into a hopper which is placed at the top of a downpipe.

gutter cleaning singaporeMost homeowners do not see gutter cleaning as a priority, they would prefer to do other forms of cleaning in the house until the gutters clog and become a breeding home for all forms of insects and rodents. However, homeowners do not necessarily need to bother themselves about how to get their gutters clean themselves but rather they can get professional gutter cleaning service contractor who would do the cleaning to a professional taste ensuring all necessary factors are put into consideration.

Importance of Proper Gutter Cleaning Services

  1. Prevents accumulation of debris: Debris accumulate along the channel of gutters over time when proper gutter cleaning services is not carried out if proper gutter cleaning service is carried out the accumulation of debris can be reduced to the barest minimum, this would also increase the utility length of the gutter.
  2. Prevention of splash overs: splash occurs when gutters are not cleaned regularly or correctly causing the water meant to be channeled through the gutters to continuously splash out. This is usually caused by excessive obstruction along channels or sometimes incorrect gutter angle.
  3. Prevents water from being soaked into the foundation: over time, when the gutter is not properly cleaned, water would not flow through the channel and then the water gradually sips into the foundation of the house causing gradual damage to the foundation.

4 Prevents breeding of rodents and other unhealthy microbes: Poorly maintained gutter becomes a comfortable habitat for different types of rodents and organisms, which can ultimately affect the health of individuals who stay around.

5 Prevents roof damage: A poorly managed gutter would have water running underneath the shingles of the roof over time thereby damaging the roof.

Why Correct Gutter Cleaning Services is a Must

Every gutter has an angel of construction which considers the slope and angle of slop such that water can flow easily through the provided channel but over time the angle goes completely out of shape due to heavy rainfall, accumulated debris and sometimes wind. These service agents understand these factors and they are able to properly clean the gutter and ensure that it is back in shape.

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