Sliding Louvre Panel - Allows for maximum airflow

Sliding Louvre Panel Service Singapore

Bring the outdoors in, cool off your home, create distinction or add extra living space by adding sliding louvre panels to your home or business. Sliding louvre panels are essentially giant shutters that are attached to the outside of your home to add distention to a space or to provide a way to incorporate two spaces when needed.

They are hung on brackets that are either top or bottom mounted or both, depending on the design and requirements. The sliders allow the panels to be easily opened or closed helping to open up or close off a space as needed. They are a great option for patios or to separate two spaces that sometimes require connection, also help with cooling costs and floor space as well.  

Why Sliding Louvre Panels?

Sliding Louvre Panel Service SingaporeSliding louvre panels are a great way to add ventilation, open up your space, and add flair to your space.  These panels are an eco-friendly way to cool your home in the heat of the summer. It can also help you add to your floor space by opening up areas that would be otherwise separated. Louvre panels can be completely customized to suit your home and specific needs. Creating or adding to your current design to make your space uniquely yours is our specialty.

The use of sliding louvre panels can eliminate the need for air conditioning and fans, saving you a ton of money on your electricity bills and saving the environment. They are the perfect option for small spaces, allowing you to gain floor space or invite the outdoors inside. They are also an excellent option for creating distinct spaces that you wish to keep separate.

How we can help? 

Our team of trained professionals can help to design and install sliding louver panels for any space in your home. Courteous, professional service means that you are provided peace of mind during the design and installation service.

We work with you every step of the way, ensuring you stay on budget and achieve the result that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a unique addition to your space or a way to separate the different areas of your home, the sliding louvre panels may be the best option for you. Call us today for a consultation and quote. Let our team of experts help you create a home you can enjoy, love and share. 

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