Demolition Services Singapore

Demolition Services Singapore

singapore demolition serviceDemolition process sounds somewhat easy because it requires breaking down, however, demolition services require a lot more than just breaking down. It is a systematic process of deconstruction which involves taking a building apart while systematically preserving valuables for possible reuse. As industrialization continues to take place across different parts of Singapore and space also reducing, companies and homeowners are beginning to explore demolition of preexisting properties for a new one or sometimes for renovation.

We are providing demolition services in Singapore, and can also provide cleaning up service in a messy situation. This sometimes covers cleanup after moving in a new apartment, clearing out a basement that had become a years-long hoarding site. If cleanup requires complex processes it is advisable to call for demolition service contractor.

There are numerous number of demolition services obtainable within Singapore but the most prevalent of them are;

  • INDUSTRIAL DEMOLITION this form of demolition services specializes in the safe, efficient demolition of industrial buildings of all forms, including factories and mills.
  • COMMERCIAL DEMOLITION SERVICES this form of demolition services engages in removing buildings from tight spaces. It requires the demolition of a broad range of commercial buildings, such as warehouses, grocery stores, bridges, and airplane hangars.
  • BUILDING DEMOLITION SERVICES this form of demolition services renders demolition for homes, apartment buildings and large downtown buildings with finesse – and with minimal impact on the neighborhood.


  • Assurance of Safety: The entire demolition process can come with a huge chunk of risk and this risk levels can be reduced by requesting for demolition professionals who understand the risk involved and sure know how to avoid them
  • Shorter duration of work: demolition process usually requires a lot of planning and these plans are played out sometimes over a period of time. The experience of professional demolition agents helps to complete the entire process thereby enhancing the early commencement of reconstruction or renovation process if need be.
  • Compliance with demolition regulation; every step of the demolition process has a certain regulation which is to be strictly adhered to. This can be particularly important for demolition projects involving difficult materials or regulated plant life as well as wildlife habitats. Employing the services of a professional will shield you from potential fines as well as ensure that the paperwork, which includes permits for your project is in order.
  • Protection from Health and Environmental Hazards: Demolition agents can professionally handle difficult materials. For example, most demolition companies in Singapore performs asbestos remediation themselves or in partnership with another company that focuses solely on the removal of asbestos safely as well as disposal. Using professional demolition services agents would reduce the risk of groundwater contamination, excess emissions, and other common construction-related hazards. This protection is particularly important if your project is in close proximity to wetlands, national parks or reserves, or the ocean.

Cost of Demolition Services

There are several factors to be put into consideration before costing of demolition service is done

  • THE SIZE OF A STRUCTURE: size is a huge determinant as it usually affects the duration of demolition, small structures would not take as much time as bigger structures would.
  • THE COST OF PERMITS: demolition process usually requires the permit and this largely depends on location and materials to be demolished
  • OTHER FACTORS: Removal of hazards such as asbestos, lead paint, and debris removal

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