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Kitchen Renovation Singapore

Your kitchen does not just work with its gorgeous cabinets and backsplash. In fact, there are more things to it than the ones mentioned. That said, you have to do a careful planning and thought if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen in Singapore. The kitchen renovation project should be made by reliable contractors that can make the entire kitchen space not only easy to work in but also functional.

Why Hire Professional Kitchen Renovation Service?

Help to Avoid Any Wasted Space on Your Small Kitchen Area

One tip when planning your kitchen renovation is to make sure that you don’t waste any space in the kitchen. Think carefully about where and how you use certain items in the kitchen. The items should also be easy to access based on their intended purpose.

For instance, it would be best to set aside a space for bowls and breakfast foods close to the breakfast table. Another tip is to ensure that all plastic containers and wraps are in a single handy spot close to your work surface. You can also plan to put flatware and dishware close to your dishwasher so you can speed up and reduce the burden when it comes to unloading them. Our contractor will give you valuable input if you engage us.

Kitchen Renovation Singapore

Singapore Kitchen Renovation – elegance and simplicity style

We Focus On Designing Wide Walkways

When renovating your kitchen, it would be best to focus on creating wider paths and walkways – a minimum of 36 inches throughout your kitchen – while also setting around 42 inches wide within your cooking zone if you have a single cook kitchen. However, if you decide to have a two-cook setting, then around 48-inch path in the cooking zone is ideal. Make some adjustments to your kitchen peninsulas and islands accordingly when creating the renovation plan.

For those who like to cook, please talk to our design consultant for your incoming kitchen renovation singapore project requirements, we are more than happy to provide you some tips.

Choose Bright White Means Look Neat & Clean

This is a viable tip, especially if you plan on concealing the outdated design of your cabinets. Note that one of the costliest investments in a kitchen renovation project is the installation of new cabinets. That said, there is no need for you to replace your present ones, especially if they are still in good shape. What you have to do, instead, is to just give them a new look.

To make the remodeling project work in this case, paint your old cabinets with bright white. Such color does wonder when it comes to renovating outdated cabinets while allowing you to save money since you no longer have to install and buy new ones. One tip is to wash the cabinets first then prime and paint them using white semi-gloss of top-notch quality. You can also further improve its bright white effect by integrating new hardware.

DiatomReno Is Here to Serve You

There are still a lot of things that you can do to make your kitchen more amazing through a simple renovation project. Just make sure that you work with the most knowledgeable contractors who can expertly do your desired kitchen renovation project in Singapore. Look for a contractor with an excellent reputation and you will surely be satisfied with the result.

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