Office Pantry Renovation Singapore

Renovating Office Space for a highly functional, well organize and easy access Office Pantry

Office Pantry Renovation Singapore

Office Pantry or Pantry Break Room is a place for an employee to break away or move away from their hectic working environment. A study was shown, a short 15 to 20 minutes uninterrupted breakaway from the workstation for every 4 to 6 hours worked; or when tension is getting high, it is advisable to break away from the working area to let the brain rest. This will help to relax the brain muscle and recharge the energy. In fact, many of time the great ideas or problem solution come out when people move out of their work area.

Office Pantry is, therefore, another important area that for you, as a business owner make a little effort to show care to your employee. The best place for an employee to build bonding with one another. This help to build a strong relationship, trust, between employer and employee; Peer to peer. It will definitely a job satisfaction idea choice of company for the employee.

Now that you have recognized the importance of Office Pantry / Pantry Break Room. If your office has not had any, do consider it seriously; or if you already have an existing one, then you may want to consider to change it to the better. Here are just some of the best tips and ideas of Office Pantry Renovation Singapore that you, and your employees will surely love:

Office Pantry Renovation

Office Renovation Ideas – Effective Pantry Layout

The key to the office pantry breakroom renovation is keeping the area look modern as well as more organized. It also a big help in keeping the office space as efficient and functional as possible.

Our Office Renovation Expert has years of experience in Office Pantry Renovation in Singapore. We work closely with the client to figure out whether the present layout of the pantry functions just as efficiently as what they had hoped for? if not, then find out what can do to fix it; what modifications are necessary to prevent the same old problems from bugging them?

The colour tone and interior design of Pantry Renovation Singapore project follow the theme of the company could create a space that could inspire staff, boosts employee mood and productivity. In another area, the comfortable sofa, the books/magazine corner and indoor/table game that encourage bonding between staff.

It is also vital to have a detailed account of all the items in your pantry – refrigerator, microwave ovens, water dispenser and vending machine for beverage, etc. determine the number of each item that you will need to store and their individual storage areas.

Work closely with Diatom Reno team expert for the professional ideal and solutions for effective and functional Office Pantry cum Breakroom

Maximize Pantry Storage SpaceOffice Pantry Renovation

Without taking up much space, maximize every single corner and yet achieve the high standard design is key for Office Pantry Renovation Singapore project. To achieve this, our team of expert will not hesitate in spending countless hours with clients through series of discussion, aligned with their objective and budget. Throughout the renovation project, the client has an opportunity to inspect the progress.

The pantry can be small but it is important to be highly functional, well organize and easy access for staff to get the stuff. E.g consider a replacement of the existing lower cabinet pantry of with pull-out shelves and deep drawers to maximizing the available storage space. Aside from holding more, they also tend to promote ease of access. It can prevent stress, especially to your employees as they don’t need to get down on their knees and dig chafing dishes at the back. Consult our office pantry interior designer for more idea and suggestion.

Modify the countertopOffice Pantry Renovation

The granite material is not the only material designed for countertops, other durable and attractive options, including solid surfaces, limestones, quartz and cool recycled materials. In view of high usage of the office pantry, it is therefore important to choose the right material to be used in your countertop to make it even more attractive, fashionable and functional. Another area is that the solid surface countertop resists the stain from coffee, curry and many other kinds of food. This makes it easy to maintains.

We are an established Office Pantry Renovation contractor, let us assist you to choose the suitable countertop and ensure only the best quality work deliver, always!

Why choosing Diatom Office Renovation Expert for your office pantry

Office Pantry / Breakroom can also be a place for informal meeting and an idea-sharing area. A place to hold the Department Level Spot Award, Best Performance Award, As simple tea session welcoming the new hire onboard and monthly Birthday Celebration. Let Diatom expertise team put all different ideas that work to fix your office space interior design. We put all your preferences and ensure that the final output suits the overall theme that you want your space to imbibe. We aim to renovate an idea Office Pantry Breakroom. We fully aware it is almost a second home for your employee; a place where the employee could break away from hectic work and comfortable place to have their meal. A place for an employee has a cup of coffee in the stress-free workplace pantry. This will definitely improve employee morale.