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Wallpaper Installation Services Singapore

We cover all of your wallpaper installation and removal needs, and everything in between. We’ve vetted and hand-picked our paper hangers for experience and professionalism so that we can promise that we’ll complete your renovation project exactly how you need it done. Installing and removing wallpaper, decals, and vinyl lettering can be a challenging task to complete on your own.

Here, we are contractors which have years of experience in wallpaper and vinyl installation services and can help you transform the walls of your home or office without lifting a finger. We can guarantee your wallpaper or vinyl lettering will be installed or removed flawlessly.

Who Are We ?

Being leaders in the industry, our adept consultant provide these services by using superior quality tools alongside contemporary technology. The wallpaper installation services performed are as per the variegated needs of our valuable clients. The services offered are highly applauded by our clients due to our professional and flawlessness and smooth finishing. Moreover, clients can avail these services from us at most economical prices.

How We Perform the Wallpaper Installation for You?

wallpaper installation services SingaporeWe can help with any wallpapering service you need regardless of your needs. We also help you to look for the best wallpaper type and pattern. Some basic ways to wallpaper installation procedures are as follow: Spackle and sandpaper the wall to smooth any imperfections, then apply a coat of wallpaper primer. While it dries, it is advisable to cover a long worktable (or just the floor) with a plastic painter’s clean tarp. Make sure your hands are clean, too.

Wallpaper strips should be arranged side by side on the floor in order to ensure that the pattern lines up correctly. Also, gently tape them together to temporarily secure them with painter’s tape. For shape making (as sconce backing plates or with the headboard), use a utility knife to cut it out on a cutting mat. Also, use a measuring tape to measure and a pencil to mark the points where the paper will be placed on the wall. For example, mark sides of a rectangle or the top edge of a chair rail. Others can be done by our pros.

Type of Wallpaper

We provide installation of all types of wallcoverings, which is provided by our interior painting specialists to our residential and commercial customers. From silk wallpaper to natural fiber wallpaper, we help you with all your wallpaper installations. We also install decorative wall borders, foil wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, flocked wallpaper, sticker or murals, and hand-painted wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint primer is applied after the wall has been cleaned. Your home is your biggest investment, which is why we emphasize getting the job done right and leaving you with the perfect wallpaper you always wanted in your living space.

Engage Us Now For Your Wallpaper Renovation Task

Our pros also help with residential and commercial wallpapering services, with a goal to ensuring that your job is done right. For the best wallpapering services, complete our quick online form by inputting all the details of your needs. We are always happy to get a quote started for you as a professional wallpaper pro gets in touch with you very quickly.


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