Silicate Painting Singapore Service - for Condo HDB or Office

Silicate Painting Singapore

Homeowners in Singapore are investing in silicate painting when painting their homes and office buildings. Because of the benefits that it comes with, the silicate painting is becoming increasingly popular these days. This is one of the best methods for keeping the structure of a building protected against external elements.


What Is Silicate Painting


Before you hire the Singapore silicate painting professionals, it would help if you take time to understand what this method is and how it can benefit your property. Silicate painting is a more economical and durable way of coating your home interiors. For centuries, this method has actually been used in preserving wooden structures, especially buildings made from timber. The silicate painting helps to delay weathering and inhibit combustibility, thereby keeping the building protected against harmful insects.

Some of the most recent trends in architecture have put emphasis on the aesthetic value of a mineral coated wood. The trend has played an important role in architectural projects that make use of wood, where the silicate painting is used as facade cladding and noise protection. Another great thing about the silicate painting is the aesthetic appearance that it produces. When coated in wood, it is a perfect contrast to the glossy and greasy wood lacquers, as well as resin-based glazes.

Silicate painting Singapore professionals are capable of applying the silicate coating system even for a rough wooden surface. They can apply the coating in both the exterior and interior areas of your home or office building.


Who Need Silicate Painting Services?


If you’re convinced that silicate painting is the best solution to your waterproofing needs, simply call the silicate painting Singapore contractor. We capable of applying the silicate coating to your building structure and will use breathable and long-lasting silicate paint finish. The paint can be applied externally and internally and it’s applicable to a wide range of surfaces, which includes lime and cement-based renders, stonework, and gypsum plasters. Moreover, the silicate painting can also be applied in both modern and traditional structures and can also work well in some troublesome areas, including damp basements.

In countries like Singapore, where rain is a common occurrence that could sometimes lead to water seepage, hiring the right silicate painting professionals is a good idea. Silicate paints are high-quality coating materials that can help to keep your building fully protected.

Why Choose Silicate Painting


There are many reasons why homeowners in Singapore would opt for silicate painting and here are some of them:


  • Breathability – the paint is highly breathable and allows for the free passage of moisture.


  • Colour stability – the paint is made from natural pigments that will not fade.


  • Ecology – silicate paint is extremely environment-friendly and highly sustainable.


  • Longevity – silicate painting provides an extremely long lasting and durable coating.


As you can see, there are lots of good reasons why you should opt for the silicate painting. Your home is probably one of your most precious investments so it just makes sense to keep it fully protected.