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Office Reinstatement Singapore

From time to  time companies or organizations may want to move out of an old office site into a new one and this process comes with a huge chunk of work especially office where extra fixtures were fixed in addition  to what was in the office space initially. This extra fixtures and other appliances would  be evacuated from the office  space upon  the expiration of tenancy agreement.

For some offices, there are usually fixtures met in the space and used for daily activities. These fixture or appliances in the office sometimes deteriorates gradually, gets damaged, or even requires a permanent replacement due to continuous use ,  burglary, fire or even total collapse hence office reinstatement.

Reinstatement Scope

The cost of reinstatement  services  varies over a large range of factors ;

office reinstatement singaporeSize of office : The size of the room largely  determines  how much work is to be done.  The bigger  the size of office space,  the more the cost.

Scope of work to be done: the scope of work to be done in reinstatement  matters  to a large extent because  there are different  activities  which includes removal of mechanical,  electrical and computer networking system, painting, dismantling water sprinkling system, removal of office furniture,removal of wall and removal of carpet, and many more.

Time: the duration  or time with which the reinstatement  process  would  be carried out sometimes affects the cost of reinstatement

Why Use Our Dismantle Service

Our contractors are well trained and have many years of experiences in disposing and dismantle furniture, bulky items and etc. We will ensure your property will be well protected during removing service. Our goal is aimed at bringing back an office to its functional state or a  process of ensuring that an office gets back to use.

We are specialize in;
Residential Reinstatement Service (Condo and Landed Property)
Office Reinstatement Service
Retail and Shopping Mall Reinstatement Service
Commercial Reinstatement
Factory Reinstatement Service
Warehouse Reinstatement

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