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Modern House Renovation Singapore

Modern House Renovation Singapore - Condo , Landed Property or office

Modern House Renovation Singapore

Renovating your old and dreary home in Singapore so it will have a more modern and beautiful touch can be confusing, especially if you are not yet so sure which among the renovation ideas presented to you will work. In this case, it would be best to work with a home modern house renovation Singapore expert who is creative and professional enough to give you what you specifically want.

You may also want to integrate the following kitchen design into your home in Singapore:

Make Your Own and Unique Gradient Backsplash Design

What is good about this tip is that it gives you the opportunity to choose from low and high additions, thereby ensuring that you stay within your budget. For your kitchen backsplash, take note that shaded or gradient designs for the tiles are among your ideal options.

Aside from being attractive and expensive, you can also change them by using ordinary modern tiles. It is also possible for you to produce a gradient effect by replacing dominant grey tiles with ones that are white.

Integrate Open Shelving

If you don’t have enough money and time to replace the cabinets in your kitchen, then integrating an open shelving can help. You can make some changes on the look of the uppers instantly just by getting rid of your old kitchen cabinet doors then using a contrasting color to paint the back wall. For instance, you can use the pale blue color, especially if you are looking for a more relaxing backdrop for silver, pewter and white.

Upgrade the Design of Your Living Room

In this case, it would be best to make use of budget-friendly materials designed to produce your desired look. Ensure that the design is balanced and properly blends with the other elements of your home. For instance, if you have a fireplace, which tends to lack a cohesive style when compared with the remaining parts of your house, then go for an economical and creative solution. You can achieve that by creating a new and clean-line mantel from a high-quality material then using a crisp white color for its paint.

landed modern house renovation singapore

landed modern house renovation with courtyard design in singapore

Go Easy When it Comes To Lighting

Make sure that the lighting is just right for your home. For instance, if you have a mid-century structure that you want to renovate so it will start showcasing a more modern flair, then you can utilize track lighting to blend well with its sloped wood ceilings. Choose a lighting, which is not too fancy. Go for simple shapes and shades that respond well with the simple shapes of your structure.

Why DiatomReno ?

Modern house renovation in Singapore is no longer that hard to do considering the many ideas that are now presented to homeowners. It is even possible for you to get the exact modern look that you want by hiring the perfect home renovation team who can expertly handle the job.

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