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Cement Screed Singapore

Cement Screed Singapore - For HDB, Condo , Office and Commercial Building

Cement Screed Singapore

Recently, cement screed has become a popular decorative surface material in Singapore. The popularity of this material can be attributed to the simultaneous increase in the popularity of industrial style at present as well as some décor magazines showing the cool quotient of cement screed on its pages.

Cement Screed Singapore

Cement Screed floor renovation by experience contractor

If you plan to go with the trend, then note that cement screed Singapore is indeed an ideal option if what you are after is a modern retro, warehouse chic or pared-back and natural look. The appropriate use of this material can also result to a sleek and contemporary interior. Some of the other reasons why it’s a trend in Singapore nowadays are the following:

Provides More Attention to Your Flooring

Flooring installation often requires a professional contractor to visit your place and pave all the things he needs to do at a single time. The cement screed, however, requires a contractor to visit your place at least two times. It is to provide the first layer enough time to dry before your chosen contractor sets the second layer. With that, your flooring will definitely receive more attention, thereby providing great results.

We Promotes Consistent Quality

Cement screed is known for its long-lasting and solid nature. That said, expect to avoid experiencing the horror stories of other homeowners when they used other material. You can also expect much better results, especially if you work with a reliable contractor who implements strict control when it comes to the cement screed used in your home. Such will reduce the number of things that you need to worry about during the entire project.

Easy and Clean To Install

Because of the ease in installing it and the cleaner result, you will also be required to perform less clean-up afterwards. In most cases, the key materials used in cement screeding are sharp sand and cement. The good thing about these materials is that they are more environmentally friendly in comparison to other materials. The result is a clean installation process, which also means that you can easily clean it up once done.

Highly Durable

Another reason why cement screed in Singapore is a trend is that the material is more durable than the rest. It also firms up quicker while also minimizing the risk of cracks. It is highly durable, making it a really great investment.

Our cement screed service is suitable for HDB, condo, commercial estate, landed housing, office and public area.

Hire DiatomReno’s Contractor Get The Job Done

To ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of cement screed application in Singapore, ensure that you hire a reliable contractor who can do the job correctly. If possible, avoid hiring someone who can’t show existing samples of his successfully completed cement screed job. Such can help give you a guarantee that your chosen contractor will provide you a satisfying result.


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