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Ceiling Seepage Treatment Singapore Ceiling Leakage Solution

Aside from being an eyesore, a ceiling that leaks can lead to major problems in your home. Most of the ceilings are fixed with plasterboard. They are made for moist or water absorbent. The water seepage not only caused water marks, it also caused bubbling. It added weight to this false ceiling and eventually caused it to collapse.

Also, it can invite Termite colony to stay as it would contain a lot of moisture. Termites have the great appetite for consuming a large amount of cellulose plasterboard in a very short amount of time. This colony could also move seamlessly to other wood /timber structure and run rampant that caused great damage to housing or commercial properties.

Water seepage can cause mould to grow with its musty odour. It does not only smell bad, it is also hazardous to aspiratory, affecting our health.

So if you notice your ceiling leaking, do not hesitate and delay no further to get in touch with us, DiatomReno, a professional ceiling seepage treatment contractor immediately!

Spotting the Leak In Your Ceiling

When you call us to address the water seepage in your ceiling, the first thing that we will do is to spot the leak. Among the most common signs of leaks in your ceiling are dark splotches. Ceiling seepage can also lead to the bubbling of the paint and cause your ceiling and walls to become damp. Untreated dampness will promote the growth of mould and mildew. The ugly black stain of mouldy is not only unsightly, it can also damage the ceiling structural.

It’s important to determine the source of the leak and carry out ceiling leak repair. Knowing the cause of the ceiling leak can help to determine how the problems can be best addressed. As we know, water is well capable of travelling considerable distances and they could eventually end up pooling into one area in your ceiling before finally dripping off. Thus, we, the ceiling leak repair contractor in Singapore can get started with their task, the first thing we need to do is to determine the source of the leak. For example, fixing the leaky air-con pipes by replacing the old rusty cobber to stainless steel; it might cost a lot at the moment but with proper water seepage treatment can save you a lot of money and hassle of reconstructing the entire ceiling.

Do You Really Need Ceiling Seepage Treatment Services?

Basically, when we notice the leakage from the ceiling, there could be already years of water seepage accumulated and may already cause a substantiate amount of structural damage that could not be seen and spotted through our naked eyes. Why would you not attend to it and get it to fix and treat from the first signs of water seepage? Take the first move would definitely save the ton of hassle in the long run and unnecessary suffering! Prevention is better than cure!

With many available social media; like Youtube, Facebook sharing how to detect and sharing of the ceiling leakage solution; you might think that you’re capable of knowing how to repair a ceiling leak yourself. You felt that you no longer need any professional help. Well, do seriously reconsider this DIY! Fixing issues as a result of water seepage in the ceiling is definitely not an easy task. The task requires climbing on top of the attic and if you’re not equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and tools, you could end up putting yourself in danger. It is best to leave the job to us, your ceiling leak repair contractor in Singapore to carry out this complication and high-risk task.

Address Your Ceiling Seepage Immediately

The moment you notice the presence of water into your ceiling, don’t delay anymore, call for professional help immediately. If you ignore the water seepage, the resulting damage could be worse and can make your home look really ugly.

First of all, the dampness could result in the discolouration of your ceiling. Secondly, the water could degrade the quality of your ceiling and could possibly collapse as time goes by. Moreover, if you will allow for the dampness to stay in your ceiling even for a few days, moulds will begin to grow. Mould and mildew caused unhealthy air circulation, leading to bacteria growth and can cause respiratory and skin allergies problems. It is a health risk to the family member of young and old. Last and not least, failure to source and fixed water seepage and dampness in time could lose your precious furniture and cabinet from dampness or termite attacks. Therefore, it really pays to address the problem immediately.

We, as a ceiling water leak repair Singapore specialists, are always ready to attend to your every need. We are expert at solving all kinds of problems that have resulted from the water seepage in your ceiling. With our wide years of experience, we confident that we can address all kinds of water seepage problems, no matter how big the damage is! So if you have ceiling is showing some water leaks, you better give us a call now!

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