Are you having issue with your flooring ? Our team has earned a reputation for outstanding work over the years. With a broad range of expertise in the commercial, institutional and professional sectors, we’re qualified to handle any of your flooring projects.

Our technicians are highly trained to install, clean and maintain most types of floor coverings. We offer many other services including project management, warehousing and flood remediation. And we provide preventive measures like slip-resistance treatments

With options of remodeling your entire home or a little update to one of the rooms, our highly trained flooring personnel is always available to help. When you visit us, you will find a wide selection of products in our showrooms. As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to offering the finest products and best service in town.

Are Flooring Dangerous to you ?

Do you know that floorings in your home and office may be of dangerous health hazards to you? Especially if the material they are made of vinyl or laminate which withholds dirt, stains and also grime easily.

Our expert sales staff will come to your home to measure and make flooring suggestions based on your tastes and use of each room. We ensure that the completion of the job to your taste and the beauty of your home is attained.

Flooring Trending

Our sales staff stays current on all of the flooring design trends and can aid you in selecting the floor of your dreams. You can come into either one of our two convenient showrooms here to have a view of all we have to offer. You can also let our sales staff know what you are looking for and they can bring samples directly to you.

We think you will love our system offered for our customers to simplify the shopping process by sorting different flooring choices by style and warranty level, so you can easily find a product that fits your lifestyle and needs. We would even be happy to bring samples directly to you, so you can shop conveniently from your home. Your entire floor covering shopping experience can be completed without ever entering the store.

Flooring Types and Styles

Many people confuse vinyl flooring, especially vinyl plank, with laminate flooring, you might have a hard time deciding which to purchase and install. This is not your fault, it’s our work to choose for you. The real deciding factor when choosing floorings is moisture. Vinyl flooring is preferred to laminate due to its performance in wet places. Also in most homes where you would not expect to find vinyl flooring, the bathroom floors are made with vinyl flooring, because in these spaces, a good water-shedding covering such as vinyl or porcelain tile should be employed. We are Master in choosing which we would be best for you.

Vinyl flooring ranges from extremely cheap to moderate and so is to laminate flooring. If installed directly on a subfloor or concrete, vinyl flooring is hard and cold. Due to the fact that laminate incorporates wood content and it’s thicker than vinyl, it is easier to walk on and gives a warmer touch than vinyl. To add more comfort to laminate, there should be Introduction of foam underlayment.

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